Than 25 years of experience

“AB” JSC is a company with more than 25 years of experience, covering the whole process of building significant for regional development in the country infrastructural sites, extraction of underground treasures, production of aggregates and asphalt mixtures. Established in 1993, today it specializes in the field of design, construction, repair and maintenance of sites of transport infrastructure, motorways, roads of the republican road network, road facilities, urban communications and infrastructure.

On the territory of the Haskovo region “AB” JSC holds a leading position in terms of preventive, ongoing, winter and repair works on the maintenance of roads from the republican road network on the territory of South central region. In carrying out its activities, the company acquires and develops mineral resources from quarries in southern Bulgaria, under concession contracts with a period of 25 years. The availability of stocks and subsequent production of aggregates makes the company independent and secured in the long term. To cover the whole process of construction of infrastructural sites, “AB” JSC has several asphalt mixing plants for production of the full range of asphalt mixtures. The full range of specialized mechanization and transport, highly qualified personnel and resources makes the company independent, autonomous and competitive for quality performance of the outsourced projects.

“AB” JSC places, requires and fulfills high quality standards related to the materials used and the construction works performed. It strictly observes the introduced standards, technological requirements and rules. The infrastructure projects realized by the company are a benchmark for quality.

“AB” JSC is a stable and preferred partner in the implementation of complex and significant infrastructure projects of regional and national importance. The competencies and experience of the company, the observed deadlines, quality and guarantee make us a leader for South central region and reliable builder supporting the development of the construction industry in Bulgaria.

“AB” JSC is one of the founders and member of the BULGARIAN BRANCH CHAMBER “ROADS”, member of the BULGARIAN CONSTRUCTION CHAMBER, filed in the central Professional Register of builders for construction works from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th group, in all categories according to Rules for the order for entry and keeping of the Central Professional Register of Builders, and holds a license for international carriage of goods and employees a CONSTRUCTION TESTING LABORATORY accredited by BSA.

The company has implemented systems for management of the organization under BDS EN ISO 9001-2015, BDS EN ISO 14001-2015, Energy management system under ISO 50001-2011.


Accreditation certificates

Construction testing laboratory, Bulgarian Accreditation Service Reg. No 46 ЛИ

Certificates of conformity of production control

Rock materials No. 188-CPR-020-BG

Asphalt mixtures No. 188-CPR-3675

Asphalt mixtures No. 1922-CPR-1222

Mineral rock flour No. 188-CPR-021-BG

Cationic bituminous emulsions No. 188-CPR-022-BG

Organization Management System Certificates

ISO 50001:2011

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 45001:2018

Bulgarian Construction Chamber

Certificate No. I – TV 015626 for the right to build constructions of first group and constructions from second to fifth category

Certificate No. II – TV 004450 for the right to build constructions of second group and constructions from first to fourth category

Certificate No. III – TV 005164 for the right to build constructions of third group and constructions from second to fifth category

Certificate No. IV – TV 007630 for the right to build constructions of fourth group and constructions from first to fifth category

Certificate No. V – TV 011000 for the right to build constructions of fifth group

Bulgarian Branch Chamber “Roads”

Certificate of membership in BULGARIAN BRANCH CHAMBER “ROADS”